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Създадена от Eschaton Monk. Monsters have almost all abilities that they have in Killing Floor.

Създадена от Rito ianmata Have fun This is not a swep, laddie Features: - Bodygrouped attachments, scopes, silencers, etc - Skins - Bodygrouped slide, mag, stock and more, all of which are rigged too. Създадена от Fatale. We have a trouble with Mendiks! Both are rigged and have bodygroups.

Fallout 4 - Ammo Props. Създадена от Leitris. Създадена от thxmas. Създадена от AnonymoScoot. Scouts can switch Ако считате, свържете се със Steam поддръжка.

Hexed models from the game Insurgency. Създадена от [S.

All credits to 4AGames This models have bones and bodygroups If you want me to add something or change leave a message below Все права принадлежат 4AGames У этой модели есть кости и бодигруппы Если хотите что-то изменить в модельке в лучшую This Red Soldier can come right at anyone from all the way over there somewhere and can also superly jump high.

Red Blast pony OC. Kouko Matsumoto. Създадена от robbed by a chicken. Създадена от Jake

  • Separate models for the bodygro Rebel-built cattleprod prop.
  • This map was designed and developed by a couple of nerds with too much time for a server they love a tad too much.

The Future is Black. Dead Space 2 Weapons Models. This Red Soldier can come right at anyone from all the way over there somewhere and can also superly jump high. Създадена от Obv not me on PC. Sounds, effects.

Създадена от AverageWeen. Join us here! Създадена от Ducksink.

Originally made for personal use, this is the citizen corpse model with textures from the retail downtrodden citizen outfit instead of the E3 one. Oleg Sokolov. Създадена от Wgis. Hello everyone. Energineer with Short Circuit. Weapon props from Cyber Diver.

Festive Merkitzi. You just Drank Patrolio Oil. Includes: Winchester Model Trench Gun with bayonet, choke and mechanical bodygroups. TF2 Hex: Cod Cap. Goodbye, Gmod Tower

  • The Legendary Katana it is so
  • Hope you enjoy!
  • One model c
  • III M with scope and mechanical bodygroups Huot Automatic Rifle with monopod and mechanical bodygroups Separate models for the bodygroups.

This is my sixth model ported to Gmod. Dead Rising Texture pack 2. A Project I made for Someones Server!. Doom 3 Small weapons pack Props. Все другие аддоны я удалил и возврату они не подлежат. Mass Effect Props Weapons. Създадена от Tea-Payne! Admin Health Kit. The model is not a weapon but a prop.

Festive Deika. Създадена от Turtleey. Enhanced Shotguns Fallout: New-Vegas. A Left 4 Dead 2 mod that replaces the Katana, now in Gmod.

Another port from XCOM 2 mods! Please report any bugs you find Създадена от saint dick.

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    The most fun is that from 3 persons a model of a conventional kalash. Includes playermodels male and female variant with viewmodels.

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